Interactive Wedding Photo Album

I love wedding papers! I love them so much that I bought them even after I’m married lol. Yessss, I’m that kind of person… One of my favorites is the DCVW The Formal Affair paper pad. I’ve been hoarding this pad for so long that I’ve finally decided to use them to create a mini album!

I really wanted this album to look timeless, elegant and neutral. Different weddings have different colors and themes so I thought having a neutral toned album would appeal to more people.

I first started by making a TON of flowers using the patterned paper. I wanted to use the flowers on every page of the album itself. I really like using the same elements through the whole project to it more neutral and uniform. I think I made more than 200 flowers at the end and used them all. I also layered in some pink and white tulle and some threads underneath the flowers to add texture. Crystal droplets were then added on the page to make the flowers look realistic.

Here are a few pages inside this album:



On the cover, I made a big cluster of flowers and other elements to be the focal point. I intentionally left some white space to balance out the look.


Here is a walkthrough video of this album. This album is for sale on my ETSY. I hope you like it!

One thought on “Interactive Wedding Photo Album

  1. Can I buy a tutorial to this wedding mini album? It´s so lovely and I have a niece who’s getting maaried in august. It will be pperfect for her. Thank you.


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