No-Stamp Perfume Bottle Cards – SpiegelMomScrapShop GDT

Today I shared my second GDT project on the SpiegelMomScrapShop blog. The cards I am sharing today are extremely easy to create. Let’s get started!


I saw this picture on Pinterest and was inspired to make some perfume bottle cards. I don’t think there is any perfume bottle stamps out there so I’m going to make my own.

I started by saving this image and opening it in a Word document. I replaced the brand name with sentiments and friends’ names. I used some special fonts to add character to the perfume bottles. Here are some of the fonts I used: MA Sexy, Papyrus and Noodle Script. Then I printed them out and fussy-cut them.


I kept the perfume bottles black and white and created colorful backgrounds to highlight them. All the backgrounds are created with acrylic paints using different techniques – paint splattering, smooching, regular painting. I was just playing by ear.

I added washi tape to ground the focal point of the card. Finally, I finished the cards with sequins from SpiegelMomScrapShop and daisy cabochons from craftsutopia.



I hope you like these cards as much as I do. I will be sending them to my girlfriends back home 🙂

A complete list of supplies:

1. Sequins ~ 6mm Gold Rush Metallic
2. Sequins 10mm ~ Moonshine Delight
3. Silver Sunrise Sequins
4. Sequins 8mm ~ Sunny Days Yellow
5. Acrylic Paints from Michaels/Target
6. Pink striped washi tape
7. Black washi tape
8. White Daisy Flower Cabochon

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