Accidents Turned into New Technique – Hidden Embossing

A lot of accidents happened when I was making this card. Believe it or not, I actually wanted to throw it away for several times, but I’m really  glad I stuck with it and saved it from all the accidents and discovered some new tricks!


This is a faux shaker card. I made a frame and sealed the panel with an acetate sheet. You may ask why not a shaker card? Well… because I don’t have enough sequins (first accident) Talk about planning ahead in crafting LOL. I thought it would be weird to only frame a background and the sentiment. So I added in some sequins, confetti and wood veneer stars around it.

Wait! It doesn’t stop there. There are actually some more stars hidden in this card. You may asked where. Here’s how you can find them!

Bring this card against a strong light source e.g. the sun or a lamp. I just used my sunlight lamp which is always on my desk. There!!! Can you see all the hidden stars appearing?

The secret lies in a technique I’d called hidden embossing. I used a star stencil and some texture paste to emboss the back of the card. Since the paste is opaque, it blocks the light when you hold it against a lamp, but when you turn off the light, the stars will be gone and it just looks like an ordinary card.

The truth is that embossed piece is from an older project. I didn’t throw it away because I didn’t want to waste watercolor paper. I worked directly on the back side to create this background (second accident). That’s how I discovered this technique. Sometimes accidents can turn into amazing discoveries and adventures. Crafting is a lot like life 🙂

2 thoughts on “Accidents Turned into New Technique – Hidden Embossing

  1. I love this card & especially how the stars show up in the light!! That’s awesome! Accidents make the best ideas. Could you please let me know where you got the stamp “Happy Birithday to You”? I love that font & I’ve been looking for something just like this! I would appreciate it very much.

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