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Hi friends! Long time no see! Most of you guys are probably wondering why I was so quiet over the last 3 months…  Just to clarify, I am NOT pregnant haha!! The reason is I started working again. I now work at Nordstrom and my job keeps me busy! I like it a lot but it also means I only have free time on the weekend. In addition to crafting, I also need time to eat, meet friends, exercise and spend time with my family! I wonder how you all can do it all! Some said it is time management. Well… maybe I suck at it now, but I hope I will get better! Please leave me some advice if you have any!

For those of you who asked, thank you so much for worrying about me and missing my cards! I will find time to create soon! Xoxo crafty hugs! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Recent Updates

  1. I am happy for your news Amy, congrats on your job! I totally feel you that there is no time for card making, and be sure that your real fans will keep being happy even if you post just rarely. Balance is a key, and if u get some good advice on time management, pls share it with me, I suck at it too 😀 Hugs from Budapest, Zsofi

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  2. Congratulations on your new job!!!!! I don’t have advice on time management (I’m so bad with that) but I say continue to do what makes you happy…you will find the balance. Life happens and we just have to adjust accordingly. Oh ya…don’t forget to keep having fun.

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