Copic Color Combos for Trees and Greeneries. Copic old vs new refill comparison.

Hi All! I am drawing again recently and I’d like to share my favorite Copic color combos for drawing trees! Aside from trees, you can use them to color other images (e.g. leaves, cactus, succulents, grass) as well! Hope they can be handy when you’re coloring next time 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-26 at 13.36.35

Color Combo #1:

This one is my favorite combo because now it’s summer and I’d like to make my greenery look lush and juicy. I’ve also used this combo on the tree part of my Totoro drawing 🙂


Color Combo #2:


This one is a more evergreen type of tree colors. So it looks more muted and realistic.

Color Combo #3:


I’ve also purchased some refills lately and I discovered a SHOCKING difference between the old vs new refill! Continue reading if you want to SAVE MONEY!!!


Above is a side by side old vs new copic refill. The old refill is 25cc in volume and it’s selling at $8.99 right now (at Michael’s). The new refill has a more modern design BUT it only has 12ml (which is 12cc), which is less than half of the old refill volume! It’s selling at $5.99 in many craft stores. You know what I’m about to say, right?! Assuming the ink quality remains the same, the new refill (per volume) is SIGNIFICANTLY MORE EXPENSIVE than the old refill!!

  • Old refill price: $0.36/cc or $0.36/ml
  • New refill price: $0.49/cc or $0.49/ml

For artists or crafters, you know everything adds up because art and craft supplies are all expensive HAHAHA. While many places are now retiring the old refills, I think now it’s a good time to stock up on old refills if you need them, before the inventory completely turns into new refills. Hope this is useful. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

3 thoughts on “Copic Color Combos for Trees and Greeneries. Copic old vs new refill comparison.

  1. While i do love your art and follow your blog, the above comment was inadvertently sent to you instead of to my daughter. We were emailing back and forth when your post popped into my email and I accidentally replied. Sorry about that.

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